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News 'til Hell freezes over




:iconautumntree3plz: Unframed-Nature's BIG CONTEST Rusults:
"Awesome ABSTRACTS of Autumn!"

We had exactly 66 truly brilliant entries! :clap:
We had 10 incredible judges. :love:

We did not only have these ten judges, but they were ten genuinely awesome, and talented people on the judging panel, who took this on in a way I've never experienced from a total group of judges in general.  

They took it on like a project that they were either already familiar with, or one that would be an opportunity to research and learn a lot from. Either way they took quite a bit of time with this contest, a few took a lot of time with it throughout the contest, studying and following it closely. Either way, in the end, each judge made educated choices based on their knowledge and experience, and newly acquired learnings.

However, all of that being said, I also received TONS OF AMAZING FEEDBACK on the whole contest gallery. In general, most of the judges felt that every entrant made some type of attempt to do something "Abstract". The judges felt that the entries were creative, well thought-out, and impactful. Each seemed to really stand-out for it's own reason.
And FOR THIS REASON, it was very challenging to choose winners!

I feel that the judges did the best they could under these difficult, yet awesome circumstances!
I was very pleased and so proud to hear all of this fabulous feedback on this contest.


We, as Administrators, were a bit hesitant to even host a contest like this, but I think in the end, we learned a lot, and that's always a good thing. Taking a risk, stepping out of your comfort zone always holds the rewards of learning either brand something new, or expanding on more than what you knew before.

I commend and applaud my fellow-Administrators, for taking on this venture with me, for their positive attitudes and for doing an admirable job for this contest, and an extra thank you to those who were here in some regular way, for the actual contest submissions!! :love:

So indeed, Entrants, Judges, and Fellow-Admins, I thank you so much, as you are GREATLY APPRECIATED!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

:iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz: :iconbouquetplz:

Without further ado, here are the CONTEST results...


:icontrophyplz: OUR TOP EIGHT WINNERS :icontrophyplz:

:trophy: FIRST PLACE :iconvelvet--glove: with: Early One Autumn Morning by Velvet--Glove :iconflowersplz:
More from this Artist:
Coral Reef by Velvet--GloveThe Recumbent Narcissist by Velvet--GloveHot Pink Hydrangea by Velvet--GloveStardust by Velvet--Glove
Blue Sceptre by Velvet--GloveLeopard Jewel by Velvet--GloveA Drop in the Ocean by Velvet--GloveWalnut Whip by Velvet--Glove
Golden Barnacles by Velvet--GloveSakura by Velvet--GloveThat Happy Feeling by Velvet--GloveSpinning Leaves by Velvet--Glove

:trophy: SECOND PLACE :icondeviantlamb: with: Change by deviantlamb :iconflowersplz:
More from this Artist:
Thorny Forest by deviantlambForest by deviantlambSunset by deviantlambGuardian by deviantlamb
palm leaf by deviantlambBlue by deviantlambtorn wood 3 by deviantlambrobin by deviantlamb
forest 2 by deviantlambMerlin by deviantlamb

:trophy: THIRD PLACE :iconthedewdropfairy: with: Bare bones by TheDewdropFairy :iconflowersplz:
More from this Artist:
Once upon a dream by TheDewdropFairyForgotten fairytale by TheDewdropFairyFairy secrets by TheDewdropFairyPassion by TheDewdropFairy
Best friends by TheDewdropFairyDusty bluebells by TheDewdropFairySoftly by TheDewdropFairyA new beginning by TheDewdropFairy
Bracken by TheDewdropFairyYou are my winter rose by TheDewdropFairy

:trophy: FOURTH PLACE :iconkondratij: with: Amber autumn. by Kondratij :iconflowersplz:
More from this Artist:
Pearl shell. by KondratijSolaris. by KondratijDistorting mirrors. by KondratijBroken willow. by Kondratij
Parallel worlds. by KondratijEsmeralda. by KondratijSleep child. by KondratijFear. by Kondratij
Ate in the autumn forest. by KondratijPandemonium copper butterflies. by Kondratij

:icontrophyplz: The FOUR RUNNERS-UP! :icontrophyplz:

In No Particular Order...

:trophy: RUNNER-UP :iconkittyliker: with: Rebel by kittyliker :iconpoppy3plz:
More from this Artist:
A Cute Couple by kittylikerCresa Spacescape by kittylikerGinkgo Enteli (Colored) by kittyliker
Unlikely Friends by kittylikerFire Kirin (adoptable)(open) by kittyliker How to train your aircraft (story preview)This is Glensbrook It's twelve days north of Burned to a crisp and a few degrees south of Being blown to death. It's located solidly on the Meridian of Misery. My town In a word, sturdy. It's been here for twelve generations, but every single building is new. We've got hunting, fishing, and a charming view of the sunsets over the grassy prairies . The only problems are the pests. Most places have mice or mosquitoes. We have... Aircraft.
Adter a world altering event, twelve generations into the future, the world has mostly adjusted. Human settlements are now small. Guns have become a lost art and horses are  the new car.
in the settlement called Glensbrook, after a very old road sign found in the area, a young woman struggles to fit in. The settlement is attacked by living aircraft often and she is not strong enough to fend off the aircraft like her peers and tries to come up with ways to kill the living machines.
Through a series of unlikely events, the woman downs, then befriends

:trophy: RUNNER-UP :iconlolita-artz: with: Autumn abstract by Lolita-Artz :iconpoppy3plz:
More from this Artist:
The Light Inside Of Me by Lolita-Artzhappy halloween!!! by Lolita-Artzforest fairy by Lolita-Artz
Glowing Tree by Lolita-ArtzGlowing Fairy by Lolita-ArtzFire Of Life by Lolita-Artz

:trophy: RUNNER-UP :icongeak-of-nature: with: Autumnal Fire by Geak-of-Nature :iconpoppy3plz:
More from this Artist:
Snuggle Kitties by Geak-of-NatureThe Running Mate by Geak-of-NatureHeaven's Wink by Geak-of-Nature
Window Seat by Geak-of-NatureThe Prospector by Geak-of-NatureOrange Parrot Tulip by Geak-of-Nature

:trophy: RUNNER-UP :iconsmurfage: with: Leather Veins by Smurfage :iconpoppy3plz:
More from this Artist:
Fifty Shades of Green by SmurfageLavender Buffet by SmurfageThe Traveler by Smurfage
Gush by SmurfageWaves of Dusk by SmurfageClassical Echoes by Smurfage



:iconfirstplaceplz: PRIZES :iconfirstplaceplz:

To see :eyes: the HUGE LIST of generous and AWESOME prizes offered to the above Winners,
simply SCROLL to the "PRIZES" Section of the Original Contest News Article, HERE:

:iconheartbeatingplz: Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest: AUTUMN...:iconzubatlaplz: Welcome to Unframed-Nature's Next BIG Contest :iconzubatlaplz:
:iconpumpkinborderplz: Autumn THEME 2014: "AWESOME ABSTRACTS of AUTUMN!" :iconpumpkinborderplz:
Let's Get ABSTRACT, and Let's BE AWESOME about it!
Unframed-Nature would like to try something a little different, as a group, for this Contest.
Using themes, colours, scenes, and feelings of the Season of Autumn, as we experience the season wherever we live around the globe, we would like to see artistic depictions and expression of Autumn as ABSTRACT ART.
This works well for media such as:
:bulletgreen: Photography, Traditional, Digital, Fractals, Collage, Mixed Media, Literature, and more, including some of their sub-categories.
If genre is new or semi-new to you, my most basic way to think about Abstract work, is in using these three together:
1. COLOUR- usually brighter than not, and how the colours work together.
2. CURVES, oft
: :iconheartbeatingplz:

:note: Please, be patient, in order to give proper time to notify
ALL of the prize-givers, and THEN, for each of these generous prize-givers to deliver their various prizes.

THEN, ENJOY, as these prizes begin to "roll in"! :heart:


ADDITIONALLY, We appreciate ALL INDIVIDUALS & GROUPS who PROMOTED our Contest, as well! :heart:


:iconredroseplz: SIX Honourable Mentions :iconredroseplz:

:note: We've had a few other entries, also scoring high enough among the judges, enough to be included here,
in a section of Honourable Mentions.

They may not be due the prizes, which are due to the top eight winners, but of course they are included in this featured right HERE, and they will ALSO
be moved to our FEATURED FOLDER, with the above winners, which means eventually they will be :+fav:'d by our POINTS ACCOUNT:
Unframed-Nature-PTS :iconunframed-nature-pts:

:note: Additionally, if they have NOT already, they WILL receive llamas from both our points account, and from myself,
These things I can speak on.

In No Particular Order...

:star: :iconrecycledrelatives: with: Warm Colors of Autumn by recycledrelatives :rose:

:star: :iconyuushi01: with: 10324 by yuushi01 :rose:

:star: :iconclu-art: with: Color Blast by Clu-art :rose:

:star: :iconastoko: with: Frozen edge ~ autumn Leaves by AStoKo :rose:

:star: :iconoffermoord: with: Genus Russula by offermoord :rose:

:star: :icontanja1983: with: burning gut by tanja1983 :rose:


:w00t: I cannot stress enough, our thanks and appreciation to ALL who submitted an entry to this Contest, as your participation was honestly deeply valued.  Each entry was really creative, very well done, and unique unto each Artist. Most seemed to make efforts to really stick to the theme, trying out the heavily-pushed "Abstract" theme of the Contest, and I felt and feel very proud of Unframed-Nature as a group, as a result of this Contest and TOTAL EXPERIENCE! :w00t:




:iconspreadmoreloveplz:Appreciating Our Impressive Team of Judges:iconspreadmoreloveplz:

JeTaime by TheGalleryOfEveLindsay ArtTrade by TheGalleryOfEve

the only way by O-Goshnever know by O-Gosh

Thief In The Shadows by SserenitaForest Dragon by Sserenita

Snow by StudioIJBLady with Zaichanscientist by StudioIJB

Be Yourself by TrinitySage Gamemaster Love - Chapter One - Part OneGamemasters walk in secret.  They hide away and look for hackers, botters, and the occasional fool who’s had too much to drink. All the while they help the helpless; the poor souls who are somehow too stupid, ignorant, or lazy to figure the game out for themselves. This is my job. I guess most gamers would consider this the “Ideal” career. You work from home, you get paid, and you play around in a game all day; except I haven’t actually “played” this game in over three months, ever since I became a gamemaster.
It all began with a bet. My online friend, CJ, was opening his own MMORPG server. A lot of people will shrug it off when you tell them you work for a game company...but this is big business. CJ’s small-time online time waster just earned 12 million in sales last December, and with the rise in sales came the rise in players, and more of a work-load for me. Yea....
So anyways, CJ bet me I couldn’t pass the gamemaster test, and me be

Bastet on the brain.... by LayaboutJoeThe Great Outdoors by LayaboutJoe

Starbucks by FeliziasLove by Felizias

Misty Sees a Spider by WDWParksGalGuess Where I'll Be Headed Soon by WDWParksGal

Spock In A Pile Of Tribbles by CameronKobeColumbo study by CameronKobe

Lupine Bard set by DeviBrigardIs not for snails? by DeviBrigard



See you all in the Spring for our next and FIRST BIG CONTEST of 2015!

Tea :iconteaphotography:
Senior Team Leader


Monday Munchies [26]

Mon Nov 24, 2014, 7:00 PM by TimberClipse:icontimberclipse:


Every Monday, I will be featuring a single deviant's artwork. The deviant may be known or unknown, and may have received accolades or joined deviantART last week. By featuring just a single deviant, I hope to give the deviant some exposure and bring a little beauty to your week. I also include a short description about the artist and/or what draws me to their work. 


Kathi | Tumblr

Portrait Study 4 by Riemea

Riemea is an incredible artist, and one of the coolest deviants out there. This beautiful piece caught my eye today, because of how the shadows, and the shades simply fade and work together in perfect harmony.  

Black Widow by Riemea

She also has incredible other pieces in her gallery, well worth your time! 

John Watson by Riemea

In every piece by Riemea we see incredible work, you just have to see it! 

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The Visual Narrative Project began in 2013 when more than 100 scripts from seven different countries were submitted to the project. One script was chosen to be fully produced.

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