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DA is Having a Birthday ~ 14 Years!

Fri Jul 25, 2014, 7:20 PM
devMeets Rule!!!!


Happy 14th Birthday DA Card by WDWParksGal

There is a Folder just for the Birthday Celebration :nuu:

Create your birthday deviation and submit it to the deviantART-Related/Birthday/14th Gallery and sub-cat!

Found these Literature Pieces Celebrating :devart:'s Fella Birthday --free-- avatar  in the Folder:

The Porcelain FellaI was brushing away a grape-themed wind chime when I saw the porcelain cat. A gray Persian puffball with owlish eyes, I knew right away that it was the perfect gift for my one true love. 499 Pesos, said the tag around its neck. Grinning, I reached for the yellow 500 in my pocket. It had to be fate. I could already see my goddess fiddling with her ponytail and blushing furiously as I bestowed my humble offering. I hoped that we could ride on the same bus afterward, but I didn’t want to jinx it.
The rain started pouring again when I left the novelty shop. I shielded the porcelain cat inside my slicker all the way home.
Turned out the cat looked smashing next to my blue star lamp. Did I really have to give it away? Wasn’t there anything else I could do to convey my undying affections? Why not write her a love letter? Of course! I sat up and grabbed a pad of purple-lined paper from my school bag. Think—what words would win her over without fail? As I wrote, I read alo
TestamentWith the mourners gone, the house was finally quiet again. My sister made tea for us while I examined the details of mother's will. We weren't glad she was gone, not by any stretch of the imagination, but we were the kind of family that dotted our i's and crossed our t's. Mother would have wanted it to be this way, so we put aside our grief and focused on the facts.
And the biggest fact of all was that despite everything we knew about mother, and through all the years she claimed to have no secrets; there was, apparently, one very large one being carried around within her. Her last will and testament, contrary to everything we'd expected, contained a mystifying reference to a prophecy and, of all things, a robotic cat.
It was this that I was puzzling over while Maisy busied herself in the kitchen, and our conversation was both muted and unenlightening. She was as in the dark as I was, and we sat attempting to make sense of the thing until the birds outside warned us of the day's immine

Any type of deviation is welcome into the folder, as long as it relates to DeviantART's 14th Birthday Celebration!

Llama Evolution Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Fella's LOVE happy DA B-day :3 Fella Fella La We love DeviantArt Llama jump 

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Join us for a deviantMEET in San Diego!We'll be hosting a Las Vegas deviantMEET!

Posted on June 30, 2014

Join us for a deviantMEET in San Diego!

DeviantART and Madefire are teaming up at Comic-Con, and we're hosting a deviantMEET of epic proportions.

The Gaslamp Quarter by AndrewShoemaker
Deviants, assemble!

Our first ever deviantMEET in San Diego!
Like any great duo of artistic avengers, deviantART is joining forces with

Location: 801 5th Ave., San Diego, CA 92101
Date & Time: Wednesday, July 23rd at 10:00 PM PST
Admission: FREE, no one under 21 permitted
What to Bring: ID card, phones/tablets, sketchbooks, cameras

Don't Panic! Prep The TARDIS! Call The Banners!Watch depthRADIUS
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by techgnotic
DeviantART Presents Artists’ Alley
The heavy metal enchanted trace leukocytes (midichlorians) that course through the systems of all deviants are coming to life as internal compasses begin to all bend all time and space in one direction, to one set of co-ordinates, to one ultimate destination:
It’s that time of year again. Pass your Voight-Kampff test, grab your OTP and patch up your sunken ships. COMIC-CON 2014 is nigh.

Blade Runnerby chrisfkn

DeviantART's official Comic-Con poster!As a statement of empowerment and artist prestige, we're pleased to reveal deviantART's official poster for Artists’ Alley at San Diego Comic-Con – designed by the exquisitely talented Artgerm!
DeviantART couldn't be more excited to sponsor Artists' Alley for the fourth year in a row.  Our aim has always been to keep focus on those who not only make the entire convention possible, but provide us with a world of entertainment across all media: the artists.
Go forth and march with your creative brethren!

Get the poster!
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DeviantART San Diego Comic Con 2014 Poster by Artgerm

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