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News 'til Hell freezes over
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Trumpet Angel by CutielovelySJ777I was just able to renew the Super Group Status for another year! The sub will run out December 1, 2017, so there will be another year to have the time to donate to PointsForDevNews  prior to the next renewal.

DevNews appreciates every single donation as even small donations add up to create BIG POINTS!

:iconthankyousignplz: Thanks, too, to dAWishingWell, which helped spread the word that DevNews needed point donations, as well as making a substantial donation from TheWishingWidget towards the Super Subscription!

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:iconfeatureplz: POINT DONATORS Idle Fella - Featured and Favourites (Reactions) 

:makeup: Disclaimer: There were donations that were anonymous in the widget, as well as made directly to PointsForDevNews by bypassing the donation widget. Those donations are incredibly appreciated. Good deads can go far :nod:

Wreath by Amarantheans  Faded Orange Paper Texture by TheDreamFinder  Coffee Cup 2 by cupofjoeplz  Pink-Cake-PLZ-100-pixels by pinkcakeplz   Panem et Circenses [English]ENGLISH ONLY
Nederlandse versie:
Panem et Circenses [Nederlands]
Panem et Circenses
"This world is naught but a puppet show for bored gods. The puppet masters have done everything in their power to deceive the marionettes. They convince the puppets that there is no puppet show and that there are no spectators. They call the puppet theatre world, the puppets are called people, and the spectacle is called life."
- Arnon Grunberg, Praise Of Folly 2001
Every so-called "revolution" that has been made in the wake of its inspiring ideology was a passing convulsion of intense and extremely spectacular change, commotion and dynamics - spectacular turbulence, not a final alteration. No culture or ideology has ever succeeded in permanently founding its utopia. The past generations witnessed the struggle for their ideals and the spectacle of that struggle, today we are witnesses to
  Gift of Tears by TeaPhotography  Khany by saniika  The Current of Time Does Not Touch it's Shore by Lady-Compassion  da id 2016 feb by laddster    Severus by CameronKobe  Winged Egyptian Goddess by coastbeachartist  Tiny Tasty Toast of Terrors by Lilith-the-5th   NaNoWriMo2016 - Agent Dell Part 10Yokov fought his way free of memories of pain and despair. He remembered hearing Rori scream his name; he could hear the fear and anguish in her voice and it hurt him more than any of the injuries he was suffering. He didn’t want her to be there to witness his demise and hearing her brought back long buried memories. He heard her again as they had shoved him down on the executioner’s block, also her screaming that she loved him. He wished, at the time, that he could have answered her; but he was incapable and his heart ached that he couldn’t respond for what he feared was the last time. He needed to say it even though he’d said it many times before. Then there blinding flash and a sound like stone cracking that made his ears hurt, followed by the smell of ozone. Had lightning stuck? The light and sound were the last things he remembered until he heard Rori speaking to him, begging him to wake up. Someone was holding him and there was a cloth of some sort rubbing  Tolerance Event Part 1 by Stygma  From My Heart to Yours 2016 by Sublime-Feline  Cody Climbs Aboard Thomas the Train IMG 1369 by WDWParksGal  Yellow Tramway by GeorgeXVII  Chron-wraith reference by DoctorVorlon  Llama Face - Inktober by Missvirginia  NON-CORE 'custom' box: Christmas by UszatyArbuz  Ahh How did I get outside by TheArmouredBear  Marigolds Wallpaper by Fubelle  Blue Fantasy by PaMonk  Standard Wallpaper 2048 x 1536 by WDWParksGal-Stock  Fire Breathing Steampunk Dragon IMG 2794 by TheStockWarehouse  

Journal "skin" by UszatyArbuz

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buncha mermaids colored by loish

Loish's Mermaids -complete- by KatTheGrrreat

autumn by loish

Congrats - Free to use by Undead-Academyloish

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Pimps and Whoas Posted by Moonbeam13 :iconmoonbeam13:

:iconnewsboyplz: Helpful Hint: I always put the latest version of "Pimps and Whoas" in a widget on my profile page just so I know exactly where it is for future reference! It is a good way to find relevant articles, especially ones I want to invite into DevNews :nod:

Other CR Articles of Interest

Thank you TheMaidenInBlack
Please join me in thanking TheMaidenInBlack for all of her contributions to the community during her term as a Community Volunteer. A fierce cheerleader for the literature community, she will be missed on the team but I have no doubt she'll continue to be a strong presence !

Thank you TheMaidenInBlack :heart:
   Holiday Card Project 2016!
The DeviantArt #HolidayCardProject is back for its 10th year!  With the goal of bringing a bit of holiday cheer to patients in the hospital during the holiday season, the Holiday Card Project connects artists from around the world, applying their tremendous artistic abilities to designing and creating uplifting holiday cards.
In the past few years, this project has received more than 5,000 cards sent in by more than 2,000 deviants from 60 different countries/political regions. Cards are then divvied up and distributed by DeviantArt members to local Los Angeles hospitals, with additional cards given to various hospitals in the U.S. and abroad for DeviantArt volunteers and hospital staff members to hand out to patients.
The idea behind the Holiday
   DeviantArt Holiday Headquarters 2016!Find the perfect gift for the art enthusiast on your list – even if that's you! Holiday Headquarters features DeviantArt t-shirts, Core Membership sales, inspiring Art Prints, and hand-picked tools of the trade for artists. There’s something to delight everyone!
Welcome to Holiday Headquarters 2016
Find the perfect gift for the art enthusiast on your list – even if that's you! Holiday Headquarters features DeviantArt t-shirts, Core Membership sales, inspiring Art Prints, and hand-picked tools of the trade for artists. There’s something to delight everyone!
Check back regularly!
New deals and gift ideas will be added throughout the holiday season!
   Kubo and the Two Strings Contest WinnersDeviantArt and Laika Studios have come together to bring you the new Kubo and the Two Strings Story Within Contest! Create an illustration showing Kubo overcoming a difficult obstacle inspired by the movie trailer or your own personal experience for a chance to win a selection of collector Kubo items and cash prizes!
Sponsored by
   DeviantArt Holiday Art Swap 2016!SIGNUP CLOSES NEXT TUES!
So sorry for the extremely late start to this year's event! I was on the road and without a PC until last week. Let's get this party started! If you've participated in previous years, the event is the same as always though signup is going to be a bit short this year. Feel free to share this blog and invite other active creators you know to join in. The more the merrier!
:bulletred::holly::bulletgreen: Happy Holidays! :bulletgreen::holly::bulletred:
It's that time of year again!
Welcome to the 2016 DeviantArt Holiday Art Swap!
The annual DeviantArt Holiday Art Swap was inspired by the original event over at PencilJack, and its time for the 2016 event!
This journal entry will be continuously updated until the pairs are posted, so please be aware that it will pop up in your messages a few times a week until the pairing happens. Please do not unsubscribe from watching this group's journals, as you will miss any important updates. We only pos

How to use the DeviantArt Mobile AppCommunity Week
How to use the DeviantArt Mobile App
The DeviantArt App for iOS and Android mobile devices is considered one of the most significant innovations within an artistic community that is home to a huge number of users. It overcomes many of the limitations that the mobile version of the site in the mobile browser, such as adding the ability to upload our artworks, or make changes to our gallery, etc. The DA App includes the main browser (Today Page, What's Hot, Daily Deviations, Undiscovered), the Submit Page, Notifications/Notes (the latest update), Watch, profile view and more. However, the app is yet to have all the basic and advanced features of the web version (such as Polls and Critiques or access to

Download Now!

The App is available for download from Google Play for Android devices, from the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (For now only for iOS 8 or
   So you sent a Daily Deviation suggestionCommunity Week
It is time to talk about Daily Deviation (commonly called "DD") suggestions! In this article, we will skip the parts where we explain what a DD is or how to suggest them and so on since there are already various articles and journals about that. We will focus more on what happens after you suggest them. :D
What happens next?
Or, there are two possibilities: either your DD is accepted (if so, congratulations to the suggested artist and to you, the suggester!); or it isn't.
How do I know if my DD Suggestion is accepted?
Either you know it in advance because the CV you sent your DD Suggestion note to told you, or you receive this kind notification in your message center:

So then you can jump around and be happy for the artist :dummy:
How do I know if my DD Suggestion is not accepted?
Well... sometimes, you don't. Some of us CVs don't rep
   5 reasons why you should create your own artCommunity Week
“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
Oscar Wilde
     I have been on DeviantArt for a couple of years now, and when I first started here I felt very intimidated by all the amazing artists on this site. At some point, I wanted to do things just like them and copy their styles photography-wise (we are not talking about plagiarism here), so that I'd eventually improve and be noticed on this site. I soon realized that I was doing it wrong. This was when I started to work on having my own art style: something that would define me and not some other artist's work.
However, every now and then, I meet some deviants who feel the same way that I used to feel. People saying things like: "I want people to love my art and be popular here"; or "I should change my art style so that people would like my work more"; or "I should get the same gear as that artist so that I can take the same kind of photographs"; and so on and so fo
   Writing journals in Rich and HTML modesCommunity Week
I'm UszatyArbuz and today I want to explain some basic features that DeviantArt provides for anyone to use in the journal. However they are really simple HTML, people keep asking me from time to time on how to do more complicated things with them.
Even though you can use more features, I am going to explain the features that are provided on top bar of "Write a journal entry" page only, in both Rich text and HTML editing modes, and how to adjust them to your needs.
Let's get it started :la:
How does it look like?
To see the bar, you can either go to your "Write a journal entry" page, or " Writer" page. On writer page, part of the bar is moved to the next line, however the features and their order doesn't change.

Description: A bar on "
   Community Relations Roundtable: Being a CVCommunity Week
Ever think about joining the communityrelations team? For this Community Week, I chased down most of the CVs and made them answer some questions about what our role is really like, what type of a commitment it requires and what type of a person it takes to fill the spot well. We apologize in advance for being so wordy, but it's a subject we're passionate about! Now sit back and enjoy the dialogue. :pringles:
Who are you? What do you do outside of DeviantArt, and what kind of art do you make?
Off DeviantArt, I'm just your average girl trying to balance everything I've got on my plate (I seem to thrive on creating work for myself). For a living, I work M-F in my family's construction business answering phones, doing secretarial work, and providing tech support throughout the day. Photography is my hobby/obsession and I mainly concentrate on portrait and fashion photography. Since my job ta

Leaves Divider Pixel by kaitlynragerLeaves Divider Pixel by kaitlynrager

Community Week Wrap-Up Posted in :iconprojecteducate:

DA Vernacular: A Tutorial Posted in :iconprojecteducate:

Yellow Roses divider by anineko

Daily Deviation Roundup Articles as Posted by the Community Volunteers

Artisan DDs for November!StitchingPirates
Etsy Shop
Usually Live Chat
:bulletpink: Hi! Hello my sugar covered marshmallow chickens! If you're like me, with terrible internet, or if you're also like me, with no free time, then you might have missed checking the Daily Deviation page every day. Here's a kiss for you, my love! It's okay! I'm here for you! (By the way, you can see the page
   Anime and Manga DD Round Up, November 2016:iconcinyu: Features by cinyu

Want to suggest an Anime and Manga Daily Deviation?
cinyu - Daily Deviation Suggestion guidelines
Previous DD Roundups
May, 2014 | June, 2014 | July, 2014 | August, 2014 | September, 2014 | October, 2014 | November, 201
   Photomanip DD Round-Up November 2016:iconerikshoemaker: Features by ErikShoemaker

Duality by Helga-HelleborusNew Design by Wagner
Hard lines and edges by LadyperfumeAtlantis Lights by FrostAlexis
Believe by LhianneEnvoy by vimark
The evil mist by Pyrogas-ArtworksWar Pestilence Death 2016 by AbbeyMarie
Summer residence of the Fruit royal court by cornacchia-artAmanita Fairy by LanaTustich
The Hierophant by elreviaeBird of Sorrow. by iigmiir
:iconcosmicbound: Features by cosmicbound
Domodedovo Airport in Moscow by Zamenabatareek
Want to suggest a Photomanip DD?
Send me a note (ErikShoemaker) with a thumbnail of your suggestion. 
You can find my full guidelines here:

My previous Round-Ups
Photomanip DD Round-Up October 2015
Photomanip DD Round-Up November 2015
Photomanip DD Round-Up December 2015
Photomanip DD Round-Up Jan
   October + November Literature DD Roundup:iconthemaideninblack: Features by TheMaidenInBlack

:iconbrennenxr: Features by brennenxr
The Mute King and His Songbird, Part 1 by ChikitaWolfgrow up they said by lealsfeelssepulcher by moondrums
:icondoughboycafe: Features by doughboycafe
Spunion Gamble by SssorryGuam by PrudenceWryThe Latest Omens by TheBloodWriter In Vain of Venus by Domaexpsychosomatic serenade. by comatose-cometRight by saartha  1666 by Serendiipitii The Old Fisherman by roadkillKittenA storm in springtime by williamszmTechnique by LiliWritesBoiled Frogs (Historical Fiction Poem) by MagicalJoeyThe Traveler by copper9livesEden Eternal by SolidMarsFor Gus on His Last Day by Braxton-T-RutledgeAutumn or the Fall of an Empire by wordeeaMy Great-Aunt, Ms. Tara Dactyl by WinteroftheSoulFingerprints by Rieal-DragonsbaneDeathmatch by RalfMaximusTransexcendence by tmulcahy21.15 Mnemonics by TheBrokenBride
   APN Daily Deviations Round-Up: November 2016Hello all,
I'm happy to present the Animals, Plants, & Nature Photography Roundup for November 2016, which includes all of the deviations that I featured throughout the month. Please take this opportunity to have another look at the work of these talented artists and give them some love!
As always, your suggestions are welcome! Send me as many as you'd like. Details on sending DD suggestions are at the bottom of this feature.
:iconJenFruzz: Features by JenFruzz

Sunset with mountain view by YuppiDu
Cold Eyes by Wolfskuss
Display by Dip-in-Road
Born from Dust II by Hypnoshot
Cape May by maxre
Send Me Your APN Suggestions!
JenFruzz's DD Guidelines
   Space Art and Sci-Fi DDs for November 2016:iconcosmicbound: Features by cosmicbound
Superfriends challenge - artificial intelligence by snatti89 Space Warp Machine Day by 2buiArt Embrace by robrey Blackout - Recharging by artificialdesign EX VITRO - Book Cover by M-Delcambre Necromancer by pascalblanche Generator concept by Lac-Tic Archeo Facility by Freemotions Domodedovo Airport in Moscow by Zamenabatareek Layers structure by jfliesenborghs Between Science and Prayer by Nachtstraum Gates To Another Worlds by ArtistMEF Sanguine - DWRS 03 (deep water resupply station) by korpehn Seeeker by BlazenMonk The Calling by jordangrimmer Muad'hib Throne room by MarcSimonetti Dominius V by Intercepto UES Aldrin pride by AntoineCollignon
:iconTsaoShin: :iconErikShoemaker: :iconpullingcandy: :iconJenFruzz: Features by TsaoShin, ErikShoemaker, pullingcandy and JenFruzz
Capcom Fighting Tribute - Armored Warriors by UnidColor Believe by Lhianne : Yoda my name is : by lehuss Shepards by arienai-ten Terror of Mechagodzilla Fan art Film Poster by Art--Tool Revenge by JohnathanChong Overwatch - Mercy by Pugoffka-sama Born from Dust II by Hypnoshot
:iconlovelessdevotions: Features by lovelessdevotions
Dragonfly II by Ociacia :b
   General Photography DD Roundup: November 2016Welcome!
This month the general photography CVs - Mrs-DurdenTanyaSimoneSimpson and myself - were all super busy in real life so we didn't get as many DDs up as we usually do. Apologies, we'll try harder this month! Many thanks to everyone who's suggested to us, and as always we need more suggestions so don't be shy. Our guidelines are linked at the bottom of this article, and we tend to get a lot more People and Portraits suggestions than anything else so bonus points if you send us great pieces from the "weird" galleries. Self-suggestions are always welcome if you have a piece of your own that you think we should see!
:iconmrs-durden: Features by Mrs-Durden

:icontiganusi: Features by tiganusi
It was a dark and stormy night (cyanotype) by MidnightTiger8140 Holga by KerenStanley Botany series - Green - Humulus lupulus by Kva-Kva crack by Avine black V 11 b by tunguska-rdm :

Candle Divider o1 by AngelicHellraiser
black divider by ToxiceStea

More Journal Entries

DA $taff can be under-appreciated. These days there are fewer $taff to take care of DA needs, so $taff is often overworked. 

25 deviants said Spreading around appreciation and :heart: is much better than spreading doom, gloom or offensiveness Dark Cloud by Mirz123 2015 NaNoEmo - #18 Tantrum by Mirz123
19 deviants said DA is still a community Playing with Dolls by Mirz123
13 deviants said Post a journal using the hashtag #thankyoudastaff to show your appreciation
13 deviants said Censorship Offends Me Stamp by Mirz123
10 deviants said Play nice :aww: Week 31-49: Emote Journal Meme by Mirz123
10 deviants said How I Roll Stamp by Mirz123 Coffee Powered Stamp by Mirz123
8 deviants said DA is a huge site so the $taff who are still working work harder than ever
4 deviants said No fighting! Week 15-32: Emote Journal Meme by Mirz123 No Fighting Coffee Stamp by Mirz123
4 deviants said Disagree Sign by Mirz123 Calculator Avatar by Mirz123 Agree Sign by Mirz123
2 deviants said Week 47 - 2012 Emote Journal by Mirz123

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