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News 'til Hell freezes over

Focus Point's Free Features: SydeBiased

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 2, 2015, 11:24 AM

   Today on Free Features, brought to you by Focus Point, our underexposed featuree is SydeBiased.

SydeBiased has been a part of the community for 4 years, has 136 deviations, 2 scraps & only 380 watchers!
   For that much time spent on DA, I suppose that a lot of members would assume that their art is crap, but don't let that thought keep you from discovering their raw skill! They have an amazing gallery, and one worth discovering.

Viewer of Sunsets by SydeBiased

"Viewer of Sunsets"

A beautiful portrait of an feline, placed within a jungle sunset scene. Here you can see an amazing art & eye for lighting & shading.

Enchanted Waters by SydeBiased

Not only are the two canine companions an impressive show of skill, but the landscape & surroundings are as well. The water is especially intense, with a illuminant glow, presumably caused by the reflection of the moonlight.

Torn Edges by SydeBiased

"Torn Edges"

A very unique piece, featuring a canine wearing a style of hat, and with a devious expression on his face. The mysteriousness surely draws the viewer in.

The Forecaster by SydeBiased

"The Forecaster"

An interesting concept, completed with beautiful depth; This piece seems to depict a wolf shaman, floating among lightning & clouds. (Could also be perceived as the neighbor's dog being sucked into a tornado, but I prefer to see it as a shaman). However you view it, it is a lovely work of art.

Ocultar by SydeBiased


A brotherhood/cult-like work, featuring two canines wearing terrifying (And awesome,) masks, presumably made from the carcass of another creature.

This is just a few of their amazing works, and I am sure that it is not enough for your eyes! ;) You must check out their gallery, because it is astonishing! Pure magic from beginning to end.

   This has been another Free Feature, exposing skilled artists that deserve more popularity. Part of the Focus Point series by Fe0. Presenting you with interviews, features, tutorials & other community related articles.



Fella's ArtFest: June 2015 Winners!

Tue Jun 30, 2015, 4:19 PM

Welcome to Fella's ArtFest!

Fella's ArtFest is a monthly contest in which the DeviantArt community can display its love and appreciation for art and all its forms.
Each month's ArtFest has a particular theme! To participate, create an original piece of art (all media are accepted) and submit it to DeviantArt as a deviation! From there, simply submit your deviation to fella's very own gallery into this month's ArtFest gallery folder.

:fella: Entries

The theme for June's ArtFest was animals.
The entries are below! :la:
Twain [AF: June15] by AlexanderPaupoff Luchs by unikatdesign Eminent Dog: Howl to the Ancestors by Gmonet While Asher Baby Softly Sleeps by MagicalJoey Puppy Wants the Tummy Rubbles by MagicalJoey BearsBears
[Based on a dream]
It was an open area, no cages of any sort to be seen, which was a bit strange as we were supposedly at a Zoo. Much further down the path was a tiny fence, about the height of your average ankle boot. Beyond the fence, one could barely make out a large expanse of ground: no grass, just ground. Of course there were your usual trees dotted about the place; the traditional 'randomly planted to not look random' and 'never cluster more than one together' trees. Most of them were tall and wide, easy for humans to climb – which also struck me as odd, but I dismissed the thought and carried on.
I let the others go ahead; it was a school outing after all so it would have been checked out before to ensure it complied with the safety regulations. All we had to do was answer questions on a sheet of paper as we walked around; not much bother.
Meandering slowly along the path, I absorbed the wonders of the nature around me. It was a warm da

:fella: Winners

Twain [AF: June15] by AlexanderPaupoff Luchs by unikatdesign Eminent Dog: Howl to the Ancestors by Gmonet
:star: First Place goes to unikatdesign who will receive a 6-Month Premium Membership to DeviantArt!
:star: Second Place goes to AlexanderPaupoff who will receive a 3-Month Premium Membership to DeviantArt!
:star: Third Place goes to Gmonet who will receive a 1-Month Premium Membership to DeviantArt!
* Prizes are courtesy of DeviantArt.

:fella: See you all for next month's ArtFest! :wave:

More Journal Entries

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